Teacher Preperation For The Global Age

Teacher Preparation for the Global Age

The Longview Foundation Releases Report on Internationalizing Pre-service Teacher Education.

Grants Awarded

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  1. $20,000 Appalachian State University, Reich College of Education, Boone, NC
    For a program to bring together the university's Teaching Fellows and international exchange students to learn about world regions and cultures and develop programs for local K-12 schools. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grant)
  2. $25,000 Center for International Education at Washington International School, Washington, DC
    To support the second annual symposium of a new network of public, private and charter schools in the Washington DC area that are collaborating to internationalize their programs over the next 5 years. (Teachers and School Grant)
  3. $25,000 East Carolina University, College of Education, Greenville, NC
    To support internationalization of pre-service teacher education through curriculum modifications, training of academic advisors, professional development for faculty, and international experiences for future teachers. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grant)
  4. $15,000 Education Center, Santa Fe, NM
    For New Mexico state coalition activities: to identify, review, develop and disseminate international education resources, provide professional development for teachers and support an international student forum. (State Grant)
  5. $1,000 Foundation Center, New York, NY
    For services to grant seekers and foundations. (Discretionary Grant)
  6. $20,000 Global Nomads Group, New York, NY
    For a second year of funding for "The Pulse" a program that connects high school students across the United States for video conference discussions of current events, world affairs and the role they and the United States play on the world stage. (Teachers and Schools Grant) More
  7. $20,000 Halifax County Public Schools, Halifax, VA
    To build a sister school project to help teachers develop online activities to help their students learn with students in other countries and encourage them to consider challenging global careers. (Teachers and Schools Grant)
  8. $10,000 Idaho Department of Education, Boise, ID
    To develop a certificated online international education graduation track for high school students (Grant returned.) (State Grant)
  9. $24,117 Indiana University, Center for Social Studies and International Education, Bloomington, IN
    For a program that will use interactive communication technology to link students teaching abroad with international graduate students on campus, other teacher education students and K-12 students and their teachers in local schools. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grant)
  10. $15,000 International Trade Education Foundation, , WA
    To support the Washington State Coalition for International Education activities including professional development to assist world language teachers in designing online projects with schools in other countries, conferences on global citizenship and trade, and an international education scholarship for the state teacher of the year. (State Grant) More
  11. $24,500 Journeys in Film, Placitas, NM
    To bring a program that uses foreign film to build global understanding to middle school students in Los Angeles Unified School District and the Albuquerque Public Schools. (Unique Opportunities Grant)
  12. $3,000 National Council for the Social Studies, Silver Spring, MD
    For the Global Educator Award given in honor of James Becker recognizing a social studies educator who has made notable contributions to help elementary, middle or secondary students increase their understanding of the world. (Teachers and Schools Grant)
  13. $15,000 National Peace Corps Association, Washington, DC
    To develop global education programs in libraries across the United States in conjunction with Open Houses being organized by NPCA in partnership with the Peace Corps. (Teachers and Schools Grant) More
  14. $12,000 New Jersey Department of Education, Trenton, NJ
    For New Jersey state coalition activities: to provide online professional development for teachers and build a cadre of Master Teachers through a train-the-trainer program to disseminate online international project based learning throughout the state. (State Grant) More
  15. $15,000 Ohio Department of Education, Columbus, OH
    For Ohio’s state coalition activities including a leadership summit of education, government, and business leaders to build awareness of and a plan for international education in the state. (State Grant) More
  16. $15,000 Pennsylvania Department of Education, Harrisburg, PA
    For Pennsylvania state coalition activities to continue work of the International Education Advisory Council, develop a strategic plan, build a website of resources and communication tools to support international education. (State Grant) More
  17. $15,000 Primary Source, Watertown, MA
    To support the state coalition activities of the Massachusetts Initiative for International Studies including professional development for educators, increasing community awareness, and educating policy makers. (State Grant) More
  18. $1,500 University of Denver, Center for Teaching International Relations, Denver, CO
    For scholarship support for educators to attend the fifth annual International Studies Schools Association conference. (Discretionary Grant) More
  19. $20,000 University of Kansas, African Studies Center, Lawrence, KS
    To prepare and disseminate teacher training and curricular materials on Africa aligned with Kansas and Missouri standards, the National History Standards, and the Advanced Placement Program. (Teachers and Schools Grant) More
  20. $24,500 University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education, Philadelphia, PA
    To support strategic planning to internationalizing the teacher preparation program and a pilot collaborative summer teaching program with Sri Lankan educators. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grant)
  21. $23,157 University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Education and Division of International Studies, Madison, WI
    To support the implementation of a new global perspectives requirement in the School of Education and the research to study its impact. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grants)
  22. $15,000 Wheelock College, Boston, MA
    For "Fostering Global Citizenship in Pre-Service Teacher Education", a project designed to build awareness of the importance of incorporating international content into teacher preparation and develop a network of teacher educators, administrators and policy makers committed to doing so in the practice, research and policy arenas. (Internationalizing Teacher Preparation Grant)
  23. $15,000 World Affairs Council of Connecticut, Newington, CT
    To support the Governor’s Business and Education Roundtable to build a network of leaders in business, government and education to support international education. (State Grant) More