Teacher Preperation For The Global Age

Teacher Preparation for the Global Age

The Longview Foundation Releases Report on Internationalizing Pre-service Teacher Education.

Grants Awarded

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  1. $30,000 First Book, Washington D.C., Washington, DC
    For "The World on Your Bookshelf". The project will make a globally themed collection of hard copy books available to pre-schools, elementary schools and other programs serving children from low-income families. (Innovations Grant)
  2. $7,950 First Book, Washington D.C., Washington, DC
    To add an additional title to The World on Your Bookshelf. (Discretionary Grant)
  3. $1,500 Foundation Center, New York, NY, New York, NY
    Discretionary grant for services to grant seekers and foundations. (Discretionary Grant)
  4. $38,755 Kent State University, Kent, OH, Kent, OH
    Internationalizing Perspectives and Practices in Teacher Education: Developing a Collaborative Model for Ohio. A collaborative project with Kent State University, University of Miami, Ohio, and Akron University. (Teacher Preparation Grant)
  5. $10,000 Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfurt, KY, Frankfurt, KY
    To support regional summits on Global Education. (State Grant)
  6. $10,000 Missouri Department of Education, St. Louis, MO, St. Louis, MO
    To support a statewide summit on Global Education. (State Grant)
  7. $25,526 NAFSA: Association of International Educators, Washington, DC
    To support the development of a colloquium on Internationalizing Teacher Education at the NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo and for the development of a cultural assessment tool. (Teacher Preparation Grant) More
  8. $6,000 National Council for the Social Studies, Silver Spring, MD
    For the Global Educator Award given in honor of James Becker. (Innovations Grant)
  9. $15,000 New York State Afterschool Network, New York, NY, New York, NY
    Expanding Global Learning Opportunities in New York State Afterschool Programs: A Pilot with the National Peace Corps Association. (Innovations Grant)
  10. $3,000 One World Youth Project, Washington, DC, Washington, DC
    Support for the development and dissemination of the OWYP curriculum in four U.S. cities. (Discretionary Grant)
  11. $30,000 Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, Washington, DC, Washington, DC
    Support for Global Gateway and expansion of Global Gateway to Washington, DC. (Innovations Grant)
  12. $30,000 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, New Orleans, LA
    Support for the "Training Global Teachers for Global Classrooms: A Professional Development Conference Supporting World-Class Education in Louisiana." A diverse group of Louisiana teachers, teacher educators, teaching students, paraprofessionals, university and community college faculty, school leaders, and state officials will be attend to deepen the international perspectives of their subject matter and add global dimensions to their teaching toolbox. (Innovations Grant)
  13. $30,000 University of Arizona World of Words, Tucson, AZ, Tuscon, AZ
    Literacy Communities as Global Gateways to Innovation. This grant establishes literacy communities as a means of encouraging the use of international literature and global perspectives within elementary and secondary classrooms. (Innovations Grant)
  14. $3,000 World Savvy, San Francisco, CA, San Francisco, CA
    Utilizing the extensive work produced through World Savvy's youth engagement programs since 2002- the World Savvy Challenge and the Media & Arts Program - will consolidate and codify the body of work produced by educators and students over the past few years for online dissemination through the World Savvy website. Through collaboration with Council of Chief State School Officers, this project will also support the initiative of EdSteps to collect, review and publish student work demonstrating continuums of student performance on college and career ready skills. (Discretionary Grant)
  15. $30,000 YWCA Seattle/Schools Out Washington, Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA
    Bringing the World Home is a collaborative project between five statewide afterschool networks that will integrate global learning into afterschool programs. The collaborators will 1) identify and cultivate strategic, focused partnerships in order to expand each state's ability to implement global learning in afterschool settings, 2) develop a learning community to inform one another's efforts and 3) provide leadership and project materials.